April 19, 2016


• C, turbo C++, Microsoft Visual C++ (6 & .NET), OpenGL (1.3, 1.4, 1.5 (some))(Bsp with culling collision detection, Physic engine) DirectX (9) (10), Pascal Visual Basic 6 &.Net,
• MikroBasic, MiKroC & PIC based microcontrollers, ASM (Assembly & using MMX, SSE, SSE-II, 3Dnow!, NVIDIA nFinityFX-I & II Vertex shedder & pixel shedder programming with OpenGL). PIC,Atmel, Intel based microcontroller PCB Design and testing with Proteus 7 and ISIS 7
• Socket programming (Microsoft TCP/IP & NetBIOS) using C++,VB6, MikroC, MikroBasic, MATLAB (DSP filter designing & digital image processing), Visual Basic. Magnetic card, Biometrics(finger print) bar code, different types of console interface related programming over COM(Rs232,422,485) , LPT, WIA supported USB image device interface related programming. H.323 based VOIP gateway configuration monitor and billing related CRM software programming. CT card based ct interface programming and call center based CRM. Smart Phone emulation based programming on windows ce.
• MySQL, MSSQL2000, Oracle 9,
• 3D Studio Max, Maya, ArchiCad
• Dynamic web pages on wamp/lamp ,using Adobe illustrator & Dreamweaver cs and ExtJs. created engine for ExtJs cybernatic web solution over php, json , xml with mdb, mssql, MySql, Oracle. Asp, js, php3 -5. Different CMS like joomla, e107 etc.
• Windows 2000 server, windows 2003 server (All versions) (Mail, proxy, DNS, DHCP, BootP, NAT and Routing and Remote control & administration , Streaming media server , both publishing points PULL and PUSH. Live video Streaming, Service oriented web based administration.), windows Xp, Linux Red hat. MS exchange server 5.5 up to 2003 , MS ISA server 2000 , up to 2004. Sms services and web interfaced sms related programming
• Worked as project leader for the following types of software (Accounts, Inventory, HR, Production, Attendance, Collaboration-Task manager, Merchandising, Distribution )ERP ,(Merchandising , Customer )CRM cross functional MIS,POS OLAP.